Egypt, necrophilia legitimated and no instruction for women

The Egyptian Parliament has approved a new law  which foresees the chance by Egyptian husbands, to have  sexual relationship with their own wifes six hours after the death. They call it ‘farewell relationship’, notwithstanding it is a product of the evil. The providement taken by the  Parliament is not the only one to let astonished. It was even slowed the marrying  age at 14 years old  and women’s right  to have instruction and an employment was erased.

National Counseil of Women is already protesting  against the Parliament, substaining that ‘marginating and weakening women’s conditions influences negatively on the  development of the country’. Even Egyptian medias are declaring moved against the law. The new was reported on local medias, is not sure at all, there is who substains that the law doesn’t exist and that voices were spreaded by the faithful journalists of the previous P resident Murabak