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From the 2015 safelife will be obliged in the cars


Coming next ‘eCall’, an electronic gate that, in case of accident, will automatically send  a request of help to 112, the only European emergency number. From the 2015 it will have to be present in all new cars sold in Europe and it could save every year a hundred lives.

Today European Commission has asked to the states members to be sure that the operators of cellular webs update its infrastructures in a  way that the call of ‘eCall’ , which gives the details of the  incident (time, right position of the vehicle, direction of the trip), are transmitted in an efficient way to call centers of help.

The gate, which installation costs  are valued ‘less than 100 euros’ for every new vehicle  is activated by the same sensors which release the airbags, but the request of help can be given even handly in case of faint as driving or by the witness of an accident who has caused physical damages to the occupiers of the vehicle , even with no heavy crashes.

Anna Feroleto / Camarda Lorenza
Italy – Universy.it