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Christmas 2011 in the sign of savings


This year the economic crisis in Italy has definitely spared nobody. At Christmas people’s first aim is to think of presents and this time they did that with an eye to the wallet. A great deal of the Italian population decided to put away, dropping the idea of buying a large number of expensive gifts. As a result, the purchase of consumer items collapsed dramatically.

O.N.F.’s estimates showed that the average basket spend was 166 Euros, all together comes to 4 billion – nearly 400 million short compared to last year. Declines in sales occurred primary in furnitures (-24%), clothing (-18%), tourism (-8%), perfumery (-7%) and food and beverage (-1,5%), whereas publishing wasn’t subjected to alteration thanks to the strong promotional policy. Many shopkeepers complained about the situation and began to discount goods wanting people not to wait for sales.

Concerning Christmas meals, Italian spent less money, too. Nevertheless 2.3 billion were necessary to celebrate in the traditional way. The same was for travelling – one out of every five chose to leave for almost one day. Of course, this kind of data are not so reassuring as we expected, but it is vital to think positive and hope for the best.