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Coming Gus Gus, the fastest italian car of the world


The fourth Gus Gus has engaged the fastest italian car of the world and it’s come to Milan, first part of a tour which will see it on exposition  in all Italy. In the month of August 2011 the car has joined the 483,377 km per hour on the famous salad desert of Bonneville in the American state of Utah, where every year, is celebrated the famous ‘speed week’: the week dedicated to speedness record. To the guide there is the 51 year old aged monzese Fabio Montani.

Gus Gus is in the category of streamlies: the racing cars with motor go up to 4,2 litres. Projected featuring with Politecnico of Milan the car was completely made in the workshops La fenice of Birone di Giussano, in Brianza using material such as glassfiber, nomex and kevlar: its daddy, Mario Villa, swares that this concentrate of technology could become interesting examples for the motor industry of the future. The racing car will be exposed to motor club of Milan up to the 9th January 2012.