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Costa Concordia: researches called off


Six dead and sixteen missing – this is the official toll of the accident  involving the cruise liner Costa Concordia, which shipwrecked last Friday in front of the Giglio Island (Grosseto).

After the finding of the sixth victim, researches were called off this morning. Firemen’s rescue parties, which had been working non-stop for days, were obliged to  have a “forced break” because of the bad weather – rough sea and high wind are now hindering rescuers who are not able to inspect the ship anymore. Their life and the life of other possible survivors is in danger, because the Concordia is not stable. It has moved actually six centimeters and could sink at any moment.

Concern for the environment is also playing out. If the cruise liner sank, fuel recovery would be difficult and its pouring in the sea would mean a disaster for the whole archipelago.

Meanwhile the captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, has been arrested. Police has charged him of murder, wreck and abandonment of a ship.