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Fabrizio Corona in politics?


If until a few time ago, according some voices, Fabrizio Corona would have dressed the clothes of carabineer in a fiction, he could soon dress politician’s ones in real life. From photographer to politician, the step for Corona could be really short. According what reported  on affariitaliani.it, the ex paparazzo of vips has declared to have a certain interest on politics. ”If Matteo Renzi asked me to work with him in his team j would do it very willingly, j am interested on politics”, the photographer has told  during the fashion show Rifle n Florence, in occasion of Pitti Man.

He is very avant-guarded and many like him, most to the young people. J have seen his photo on the cover of Max a few days ago, he is interesting but j would have used a stronger immagine. ”If j were the photographer-Corona has said- j would have immortalized him nude and behind him j would have put something that represents a strong idea”.