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Fidel Castro’s death on Twitter


The false new about Fidel Castro’s death, given on twitter, is passed round in the web creating chaos and astonishment in the journalistic editing of the whole world.By the way, due to Lider maximo’s health conditions, the message could appear more than truthful. The denial, which  arrived this morning, has reported a little bit of order in the web; even if there’s the problem of truthful by the sources on internet, which often risks to become a true mean of diffusion of lies.

It is not the first time, for istance, that Fidel Castro ‘dies’ on Twitter. Starting from the beginning of September some different ‘twittering’  which confirmed the Cuban leader’s death. If Castro is the favourite victim of the social, he is not the only one to have been ‘killed’ in the  web in the last months  of course. Paolo Villaggio and Jon Bon Jovi, for istance, are just the last two famous names whose apparent death has been diffused in the web. The same destiny has touched, before he could reallydie, the big Michael Jackson.