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iPad 3 or not iPad 3, this is the question!


Reliable sources of information seem to confirm rumors about the tune-up of a new Apple device. We are talking of iPad 3, which is said to be launched by February 2012.

According to the Citi’s analyst, Richard Wagner, it’s likely that iPad 3 will be released on 24th February. For those who are very keen on High Technology this date doesn’t sound new at all, because it’s actually the first anniversary of the Apple’s founder’s birth, Steve Jobs.

Of course, some experts are not completely convinced that this will happen. This is due to the fact that Apple has always waited for a year before launching a new product, except for the latest iPhone 4 which appeared sixteen months later.

However, it is absolutely certain that Apple is leaving his fans in suspense and everyone is looking forward to seeing the high-resolution display – 2028×1536 – that iPad 3 will be able to offer in the near future.