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Petiton to Mattel to ask for a hairless Barbie


High, slim, blond or dark, Barbie has been  the only true protagonist of female games for ages. With  her longilineous body, with her long hair and her many coloured accessories has driven the children of several generations crazy. But for the future Barbie could change her aspect. Mattel, historical company producer of Barbie doll is having many pressions by lobby and groups of American consumers, to produce an example of doll, totaly alike to traditional Barbie, less than for her hair.

The new Barbie  should be hairless to be destined to those children or baby girls  striken by tumour who have lost their hair due to onchological cares or the very young  ones whose mothers or relatives are tumour illed and have no more hair. A doll-symbol such as Barbie  but hairless could best help to let understand to the youngest ones the delicate passage due to chemists. Moreover, a hairless doll could help to strenghten the young  illed ones’s self -esteem. Over 11,000 people have already comforted the campaign on Facebook.