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The first poet of history is a poetess


The first poet which historical sources is given is Enkhedwanna, daughter of  the big Sargon, the founder of Akland’s dinasty and  of the Assyrian Empire. Big priestess of one of the most venerated sanctuary of the Reign, she was a personality of intense political engagement in crucial decades of the ancient pre-classic Eastern.

Enkwadanna’s  most famous poetical writing, which was named Ninnesharra, (literaly Lady of all me, that is to say  of all divine powers) has come to us in over fifty different copies on cuneiform  tablets, at dimostration of her popularity and diffusion. On this tablet is recalled a drammatc event of priestess’s life, her fallen from Ur.

She wrote about: light around me is darkened, shadows wind the splendour of the day, which is darkened by a sandy storm, when my mouth is distraight by ancient fascinated sounds, my chosen features  are reduced to dust.