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An old flame for Pippa Middleton


Recent rumors say that Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister and bridesmaid, seems to be not on the market anymore. According to the tabloid The Sun, the girl is reported to be living a rekindled flame. The lucky guy is the heir to the Duke of Northumberland, George Percy, owner of Anlwick Castle know as “Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School”.

The two first met at Edinburg University and had a love story during their last year as college students. Their paths stopped crossing, but they met again after Pippa’s flirt with the banker Alex London, even if they swore to be just friends.

Gossip about the couple increased on the occasion of Middleton family New Year’s Eve Party – at the time Kate’s little sister and Percy were said to be dating again and The Sun reported: “Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night”.

After all, nothing is sure about their rapprochement…time alone will tell.