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Be my Valentine!


February 14th is coming and love is already in the air. Everywhere in the world people are preparing for giving Valentine’s presents choosing among a wide range of things – flowers, confectionery and greetings card (known as “valentines”), just to mention a few.

These days many of you are surely wondering about the origin of the celebration. The most asked question is: “Why Saint Valentine is said to be the protector of lovers?”. The answer is not easy. Apparently, Valentine seems to have nothing to do with love, but some legends attribute to him some “sentimental” miracles. One example concerns the fact that he helped a couple of young lovers to reconcile through the flying of two pigeons, that nowadays allows us to explain the Italian expression “piccioncini”.

History gives us other information about this saint. He was a martyr and was persecuted as Christian during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Valentine tried to convert the king but in vain. His only answer was to order the saintly man to convert to paganism. He refused, of course and so was arrested. In this connection there is another tale that has unfortunately no historical basis. When Saint Valentine was in prison, he would have written the first “valentine” card. The night before the execution he sent a message to his beloved, the jailer’s daughter, which said “From your Valentine”.

Believe it or not, the Valentine’s day is the most important chance that lovers have to express their feelings. Since love would be shown on every occasion, celebrating this day could be too common, but it obvious that a festival in honor of this great emotion can’t miss on the calendar.