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Etna, the fourth eruptive season


A breathtaking sight presented itself to the inhabitants of Catania and TaorminaEtna erupted a few days ago sending out a huge pillar of smoke 6-7 Km high. The eruption started early in the morning (5.30 a.m.) and continued till 8 o’clock, when the Vulcan had its “explosive” phase.

From the crater it was possible to see the lava flow going towards Valle del Bove, a desert volcanic depression in the east of the surrounding zone, which did not reflected on the air traffic and the built-up area.

Experts say that it was the fourth eruption within the space of a year and this means that the intervals between the active phases of the Vulcan are becoming shorter and shorter. It is believed that big quantities of lava are in the substratum, so Etna is going to erupt again and other “lightning eruptions” are going to happen in the next days.