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Ghosts whisper on Lake of Como


The “mistery of Bellano” is growing – the passionate can’t resist the temptation of visiting the tourist attraction near Como and the skeptical can’t be less curious. The most skeptical of all was still Pierluigi Grosso, the person responsible for the running of the evocative system of gorges, who had to change his mind on several occasions.

Recently, he has reported some strange episodes which have drawn the attention of ghost haunters and television. One of the incident goes back to Halloween. At the time the gorge of Bellano seemed to be the perfect location for a mummy, so the authorized personnel decided to hang it on the rock to frighten visitors. The attempt failed several times and then the staff found out that a man died there in the ‘70.

However, this was not the first event linked to the gorge. First, a tourist took a picture and the face of Saint Pio appeared on it; second a monstrous figure was spotted through the rocks.

Believe it or not, the place has actually a frightening and thrilling atmosphere – Grosso himself is not at ease anymore. Of course, the presence of tourists will be sure and it won’t be unusual to see people searching for ghosts or ghost busters doing supernatural tests.