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Love for sport gives new life


Overland Park, Kansas. A promising young star of basket fell into a coma in November 2008. Her name is Maggie Meier, age 14. Family and friends couldn’t believe it – it was a particular form of meningitis (mycoplasma meningoencephalitis) which suddenly stroke the young girl.

When Maggie began to feel ill, she was quickly rushed to the hospital. At the time she hadn’t lost consciousness yet, but once arrived she slipped into a coma which lasted three months. Doctors couldn’t say nothing comforting, because that bad brain infection had inevitably brought to a vegetative state.

The Meiers didn’t lose heart and thought of giving her a small ball hoping that her basketball player identity would have arisen something. And so the long awaited change happened – Maggie shot hoops and scored, even if she was still unconscious.

According to the experts it was just an instinct that her brain and body could preserve, but the most important thing is that Maggie is now awake. Even though the recovery is going to be hard – she is not able to stand or walk yet -, it’s good to believe that reminding you your own passions or simply listening to your parents’ voice can help people to come out of the coma and start life again.