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No cemetery, no dying


Caserta. Falciano del Messico, a small town in the South of Italy (Campania), has just hit the headlines because of some strange news – the major of the village passed an order which forces citizens to stay alive, where possible.

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. The act of “no dying” came into effect on the second March and was happily welcomed by people in Falciano. Of course, a very good reason pushed the major to make the decision. The town actually has no cemetery, because in 1964 it parted from its city-neighbour, Carinola, which shared the burial ground with. Works for the extension of Carinola’s graveyard are still not in progress, so the crazy “initiative” appeared to be the best solution.

The order makes Falciano definitely a worth living town, but you know, people can’t avoid passing away, when this happens and you can’t certainly be fined for such a kind of offence.