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Obesity that kills


Verona. A tragedy occured in Campagnola di Zevio – it was Monday the 6th March and Emiliano C., 38 years old, was home alone with his three children. While he was changing the nappy to the youngest child, he was struck down by a terribly fulminating heart attack. The poor man was obese and weighed 105 kilos – the fainting fit made him fall on  the little David, one year old. Flattened by his father’s weight, the baby died instantly.

It was the captain of Carabinieri to find the lifeless bodies. He became suspicious, when he realized that nobody had had news of Cimini since days. Once arrived at Cimini’s, he heard the children crying and picked the lock to check the interior of the apartment.

The two children have been temporarily sent to a child centre. No relatives were there to take care of them – we are all waiting for their mother which leaved some days before to go to her country of origin, Nigeria.