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The vampire Johnny Depp


The bizarre and a bit crazy “pirate of the Caribbean” strikes again. His fans are looking forward to see him on the big screen and here comes the film that has him play the part of the protagonist. It is the dark comedy, Dark shadows, shot by Tim Burton.

The film is based on a TV series of the ‘60s and tells the adventures of a vampire, Barnabas (Johnny Depp), which finds himself catapulted into a different century. Still alive in 1770, he is a prominent and rich man which is said to be a real Casanova. Betrayed and upset, one of his conquests (Angelique Bouchard alias Eva Green) decides to punish him by condemning him to a vampire’s existence. What’s more he is buried in coffin and just after 200 years he revives again, but everything has changed – he is actually in 1972. His house has fallen into ruin and his heirs have got several problems to face and their own dark secrets to keep.

The comedy seems to promise well and Depp appears to be perfect for the part of Barnabas. So what are you waiting for? Be ready and go to the cinema from May the 11th!