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Twitter against Facebook, it’s a fight


It’s a fight between Twitter and Facebook, the two most famous  social networks. There’s who is choosing  the first one and there’s who is prefering the second one. The irritated ones of the trustful to Twitter are several: Get back on Facebook you’ll ask: but practically is Twitter a sort of Fb?, or it’s you to ask  how does friendship work on Twitter? This last is considered less ‘intimate’ and most public vocation’.

A place where it’s best to spy  your own girl or talking about copied links from Fb and proposed on Twitter, but there is even who’s joking vanish tries of research on the chat, which it’s not in first page on Twitter.So a user says: If you need many attentions or you care to please to the others than to yourself, get back on Facebook.’ Jonny Palomba, ironically, has commented: ‘ j came back to Facebook, they came in my notice board and they stole me four tags, two photos and three notes. Now J am putting some protections.