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Nail art passion


Nail fashion is still all the range in all over the world – you can’t think of an outfit unless you have got the right match on your nails and anyone is looking for the latest trend.

The U.S.A. represent a source of inspiration for people. Nail art comes actually from the overseas continent and has spread out in Europe in a jiffy. Jewels and strass are just some of the possible applications you can use, because extravagant and alternative trends are about to come.

Besides the well known snakeskin, microspheres are the latest in nail fashion. It was an English brand, Ciatè, to launch the new product, which is available in three colours (black, white and multicolour). In the kit nail polish and microspheres are included – you have nothing to do but varnish it, put the small applications on and wait for the drying.

Passionate about nails in Italy have to be a little more patient, because for the time being  Caviar manicure (the name of this new way of decorate) is going to be launched in the States only.