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Pierrots in Paris


Paris can be considered one of the capital provided with the best European nightlife. Pure fun at night is often a keyword for the youngest, but there are also people who prefer to sleep and don’t want to be annoyed by noises.

In order to reach a compromise between those who can be defined “creature of the darkness” and those who are very keen on quietness, the city has opted for “les pierrots de la nuit”. They are nothing but artists (mimes, dancers, actors etc) who act in the most lively quarters performing and giving some brochures that say like this: “Wide-awake without waking up”.

A first attempt was made in November 2011 and now that the initiative has officially begun, it seems to be a great success. These pierrots appear like angels in the streets whispering the melody of “Sound of silence” and they don’t pass unnoticed at all thanks to their extravagant clothes and big shoes. Artists booked for this job are 37, but the number is going to be about sixty by the beginning of summer. What they have to do is walking in the streets by twos from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. trying to distract people from making too much row.

At the moment you can’t say what will be the effects on the reduction of the nuisance. Neverthless, it’s certain that the pierrots (also called “les agents du silence”) are not simply showing their great talent, they are also giving new birth to the worth of silence.