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Light Night in Florence


Welcome to spring couldn’t be best celebrated – people in Florence decided to greet the month of May and the springtime as well with a great event, the so called Light Night. The main theme was of course the white colour. Many dressed in white and someone says that the major himself followed this nice trend, too.

Between the 30th April and the 1st May, the city spent a “sleepless night” providing all sort of entertainment for the old and the young. The charm of music was the protagonist of this special kermess thanks to the Maggio Fiorentino that fascinated anyone in the streets. What is more, most of the buildings and houses were animated by amazing plays of light which gave the city a very colorful atmosphere.

On the occasion of the 2012 Light Night shops and restaurants made their contribution being opened late at night and Florence itself turned into an open-air disco. Last but not least, thirty “angles” kept people informed of all the happenings real time through Facebook and Twitter.

The great success of the event was immediate and  numbered 100.000 people – again an unforgettable night in the sign of fun and relax.