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Michael Jackson was in love with Whitney Houston

The king of Pop wanted to get married to the film star of 'I will always love you'


It’s difficult to imagine what would have happened if the King of Pop would have married the Queen of Pop. A true revolution in American music! The new of a secret relationship between Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston has come to life  just now, after the death of the two protagonists. At the top f their career, Jacko had fallen  in a big way for the star of  I will always love you and he dreamt even to get married to her. After a series of encounters in the ranch of Neverlan, six years later when the female singer had a sexual relationship with the oldest of Jackson’s brother Jermaine. This is what got Michael furious.

The flirt  between the two stars, both death in tragical circumstances, makes part of a series of true revelations-the Sun writes-by the British bodyguard of Jackson. The master of martial arts Matt Fides has confidenced ‘I have loved Michael very much, but j think that now is the time  to put out what has frightened and disgusted me in those years, Fiddes has reported, underlining that  this relationship will put an end to all those legends that would like Michael to be a pederast, he was a honest man.