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Striscia la notizia, Jimmy Ghione aggressed by a doctor


After the aggression to Luca Abete and Stefania Petyx, the bad luck continues to persecute the correspondents of Striscia la notizia, the ironic tg of Channel 5. This time is about Jimmy Ghione who had to ask to the cure of  a hospital in Rome after having been aggressed during a service in the Capital, in Quadraro zone. Prognosys is less than 10 days. Jimmy Ghione was filming secretly a doctor who was touching a patient during a visit.

Once he was in his studio to ask for explanations, the professionist got furioused at the sight of him. The aggression to the correspondent of Striscia la notizia started and the cameraman who were on the place with him, first tearing up the wirings of the camera and then using them as a whip to beat violently the two ones. Among kicks and slaps, the objectif of the camera was broken. Waiting for 118, the three of them were supported by some people who have assisted to the aggression. Carabeneers had come on the place.