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Umbria: Foligno promotes the young Jazz Festival


Foligno city immerses in the smokey notes of Jazz from the 23rd to the 27th May, in occasion of the 7th edition  of the Young Jazz Festival, a representation dedicated to young  talent  and which tries, through the music, to give value to the territory excellence. The trumpeter and American composer Dave Douglas and  Keystone will be in the representation and then, among the others, the young pianists Francesco Grillo and Manuel Magrini.

There  will be the napolitan jazz-rock band Slivovitz, the tenth A10A10 and the famous marching Umbrian band P-Funking Band, coming from the success of the concert of the First May in Rome. The Festival was born and grown up thanks to  the engagement of the Culture Young  Jazz Association and with the support  of the Comune of Foligno, it boasts about the Umbria Jazz defence and with the featuring of the representation will be  entirely dedicated to the city: Jazz Comunity, dedicated to disadvantaged categories and Via del Jazz, a way that  contains all the major commercial and enogastronomical locations of the festival.