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Yahoo: Scott Simpson sacked due to false degree


The false curriculum costs the job place to the managing director of Yahoo, Scott Thompson. The administrating council of the research motor has formalised the outgoing of his number due to a scandal of the degree on informatics never obtained but declared on the curriculum. The scandal of the false degree was discovered and reported by David Loeb, founder of the hedge fund Third Point  who is the actionist of Yahoo with the 5,8%.

Thompson is only degreed in bookkeeping. The degree on Informatics was obtained to the Stonehill College in 1983, four years before he got his degree. The former’s job place will be given to Ross Levinsohn(number one of the division global media)nominated managing director ad interim with immediate effect. This was comunicated by Yahoo! underlining to have joined even an agreement with the actionist  Third Point, according to what Daniel S. Loeb, Harry J Wilson and Michael J.Wolf will come in the administration council.